Litter picking campaign

On the 12th of August 2017, Botho University students embarked on a litter-picking campaignin Tshwaragano Ward, which included Block 9, Block 5, Block 10, Garden View, Block 6 and Molapo Estates. They were joined by the honorable councillor Mr. Gaone Majere, Ipelegeng workers and the VDC s of the above-mentioned areas.

After the litter picking campaign, Deputy Mayor Mr. Godisang Rasesigo addressed the participants. He was very impressed bythe initiative, saying the government spent a lot of money on companies that picked up litter whereas it was the community’sresponsibility to keep the environment clean. He added that, in commemoration of the City of Francistown turning 120 years old, people were encouraged to volunteer 120 minutes of their time to the community, and seeing people engaged in community servicepleased him greatly.

The honorablecouncillor of Tshwaragano Ward, Mr.Majere, was excited that Botho University had embarked on this initiative because they were also a part of TshwaraganoWard, since Botho University is in Block 10. Mr. Majere informed the audience that Botho University had offered the community the use of their sporting facilities for tournaments.Hethanked Botho University for their generosity in providing a wonderful opportunity for the youth to keep themselves busy through sporting activities.

In addition, the University donated 15 dustbins to the people of the ward and offered to install water taps for 3 families who were identified as not having access to water.

Jun 2018