Botho University signs MOU with Basic Education ministry

Botho University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Basic Education aimed at making further contributions to basic education in the country. Honorable Minister Dr. Unity Dow was present at the signing.

“As a university we see the need to nurture and mold the students who end up enrolling with us. Our interest in them emanates from the fact that quality is one of our pillars. We want to strengthen their learning ability from the grassroot levels. We want students with the right learning attitude, who will graduate and make a difference in our society. This mindset need be developed from earlier days. Hence, we embraced and appreciate the Adopt a School initiative that the ministry has put in place,” Mr Ravi Srinivasan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor& Director Internationalization & Communications said on the day.

The relationship between Botho University and the Ministry of Basic Education started when the university took part in the UNICEF 50 Minutes with Children in 2016. A Botho University team identified a need to assist the Kubung community and grabbed the opportunity to help the Kubung Primary School. One of the projects that Botho University engaged in was the designing of the Kubung Primary School logo by a Botho University student. One of the objectives of adopting KPS was to improve the Standard 7 results from 2018 to 2020.The plan was to focus on the class that will be in Standard 5 in 2018, until they complete Standard 7 in 2020. Kubung Primary School Standard 7 results improved tremendously in 2017 achieving the ministry’s set target of 80% pass rate. Botho University would like to assist the school to improve further and maintain the good results in the next 3 years. As stipulated in the MOU, the university also wants to train staff on ICT skills to enhance delivery of the curriculum.

Jul 2018