Botho University came and impressed once again at the recently ended BHRDS 2018 fair proving to be one of the best Tertiary institutions in Botswana.

The BU stall which attracted hundreds of applicants provided new technology solutions on the application process and made it easier for prospective students to apply. The ever vibrant staff and student ushers assisted the new applicants by ensuring that the programs they enrolled for matched their passion, qualifications as well as the need to become graduates with skills needed for future jobs. The University still highlighted the tag line “Future Skills for Future Jobs” at the recently ended fair ensuring that the new strategy is visible. Through the display of programmes at the fair, Botho University highlighted programs that are still new in the market including Jewellery Design management and Mobile Computing. The University strived to demonstrate on site the practical programmes to prospective students.

BU engaged current students from the different faculties, to share their BU experience with prospective students which proved to be a good strategy as students gained interested in the programmes. The Faculty of Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism also impressed with a display of their products and services at the Fair. Although BU has made major progress towards increasing access to education at the fair and increasing enrolment rates, BU seeks to continue producing well rounded ,entrepreneurial and globally employable graduates with the attitude ,knowledge ,skills and competencies to create value and drive productivity increases needed to catalyze sustainable economic growth.

Jul 2018