Botho University Empowers Micro and Small Business owners

As part of its 20th Anniversary Celebration activities, Botho University engaged in a Vendor Training workshop as a way of giving back to the community.

The workshop organized by the 20th BU Anniversary Celebrations Committee targeted vendors and as a pilot stage all vendors around Game City, Kgale View, Block and Phase 4 were invited to attend the training, on Saturday 8th July 2017.

The training aimed at supporting the vendors in business management skills such as: the selection and starting a business, the legal aspects they need to comply with, budgeting, recording of transactions of their business, profit and loss calculations and customer care. The topics covered pertained to all types of businesses from food sellers, clothes, units, car washers.

The training was facilitated by the Faculty of Business and accounting .A follow up workshop is anticipated as a way of observing whether the vendors are utilizing the skills imparted on the day. The committee also plans on conducting or two more courses in order to reach more local vendors out there.

All participating vendors were given certificates as a signature of their milestone. These certificates could be used as a reference in their daily business life especially if the trainee would like to apply for loans with institutions such as CEDA or the banks, it will give credibility of knowledge and also help build their business profile.

The workshop was attended by a guest speaker from LEA Mr Kabelo Nkwane; Director National Branch Network LEA,who opened the workshop by giving the importance vendors play in the industry and mainstream economy. He spelt out the role of organizations such as LEA, CEDA, Government etc, in recognizing vendors and extend they have gone to aid the vendors to develop.

Jun 2018