VENUE: Botho University Maseru Mall Campus

Duration:  30 minutes

Maximum Points : 50 

Teams will be asked a variety of questions on the subject Health which they have to answer correctly.


Scores for the teams will get accumulated over the rounds. The team with the maximum points will be adjudged the winner. The judges’ decision will be final.


    1. Each school will bring one team which comprises of two participants.
    2. One team per institution only.
    3. The quiz comprises of three rounds namely:
  • BINGO: Give the teams a scribbler and a pen. Let each team identify and write down health related words from the displayed bingo chart. Teams can identify as many as 5 words. Let each team submit their identified words for grading. There will be two rounds of questions in this game. The possible number of points is 10.
  • HEALTH DICTIONARY: Have five words written of the white board. Let the participants write down the meaning of those words and their school name on their scribblers. The coordinator them collects all definitions and reads them out to all the participants. A team gets 5 points if the participants vote the definition as the real meaning. However, the team with the correct definition will get 10 points
  • CHAIN REACTION: put the participating teams in order. Let the first team mention any name of a disease, then the next team should mention a disease which start with the last letter of the disease name mentioned by the first team, then the third team will mention a name of any disease that starts with the last letter e.t.c. each team is given five seconds to mention a disease. Eliminate teams as they fail to mention a disease. The last team to remain standing is a winner of 10 points
  • AUDIO-VISUAL: Each team will be asked to listen to an audio file or shown a visual/video. A question will be asked based on this video which the team has to answer correctly. There will be only one question in this round. The correct answer gets 10 points in this round.
  • DUMB-CHARADES: One member from the team will be given a biology-related word. This team member then has to enact out the word without speaking to his team mates so that they can guess the word correctly. This challenge will be timed at 60 seconds. There will be two rounds of questions in this round. Each correct answer gets 10 points in this round.

                    4. No questions will be passed onto the next round.

                    5. Each question will be allocated 30 seconds to provide for an answer.


  1. The winner will be the team with the highest points.
  2. The first runner up will be the team with the second best points to the winner.
  3. The second runner will be the team with the third best points to the first runner-up

At the end of the day points from all events will be added up together and the institution which has accumulated maximum points will be awarded a rolling trophy. All the event descriptions are approved by the event management committee. The event management committee has the right to make any changes on the given proposal at any time.

Event Manager: Senate Moshoeshoe

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Number: 391 9999 

Event Coordinators:

 Geeta Mallik

 Makhelane Maqutu

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