Resources Needed : Area to Setup the poster , Bostik , Pins ,Tables.

Maximum Points : 50 

The theme for competition “strengthening health through new technology” The competition will take place (date), the aim is get the student interests in health sector to come up with innovative projects and also introduce them to entrepreneurship. The students will have a poster presentation of their proposed project explaining what is it, how it will work and how it will change the current situation. Each institution will form a health technology teams to compete in this year's pitch contest with the hope to win (prize). The team will comprise of the 4 students.


Scores for the teams will get accumulated over the rounds. The team with the maximum points will be adjudged the winner. The judges’ decision will be final. The judges will evaluate the task based on the following aspects:

  • 50 % of marks – Innovative Thinking and the Design Layout
  • 50 % of marks – Pitch contest


      • Four participants per institution only.
      • Participants will be provided with the event theme prior to event
      • Participants will be required to make a 15 minutes presentation


Strengthening health through new technology


      1. The winner shall be a team that has accumulated most points.
      2. The first runner up shall be a team that has accumulated second most points.
      3. The second runner up shall be a team that has accumulated third most points.

At the end of the day points from all events will be added up together and the institution which has accumulated maximum points will be awarded a rolling trophy. All the event descriptions are approved by the event management committee. The event management committee has the right to make any changes on the given proposal at any time.

Event Manager: Lebogang Gaogane

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Number: 391 9999

Event Coordinators:

 Mrs. Arundhathi Thangeda


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