VENUE: Botho University Maseru Mall Campus

Duration: 30 minutes per participant 

Hardware provided: Computer system (desk top machine), projector

Maximum Points : 50 

Participants are will be required to prepare the financial statements, Income statement and Statement of financial position. They will be given the transactions and be required to post them in the ledger accounts, thereafter transfer them to the Income statement and derive statement of financial position that is expected to balance.


The judges will evaluate the participants as given below:
50% of marks based on the documentation which will be evaluated on the following aspects:

  • 30% Ledger Accounts.
  • 10% Income Statement
  • 10% Balance sheet.


      • This is an individual event.
      • 1 participant per secondary school.
      • The participant must demonstrate understanding of the subject area.
      • The participant must submit a hard copy of the paper on the day of the event.
      • Participants will be expected to take 30 minutes in this event.
      • Discussions in any form is not expected to be seen from the participants


      1. The winner will get 50 points.
      2. The two runners will also be awarded depending on the points they got.

At the end of the day points from all events will be added up together and the institution which has accumulated maximum points will be awarded a rolling trophy. All the event descriptions are approved by the event management committee. The event management committee has the right to make any changes on the given proposal at any time.

Event Manager: Tsooana ‘Makong

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Number: +266 22247500 or 22313521

Event Coordinators:

Mr Keffas Mwanza

Mr Motlatsi Mohau  

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