Duration: Students are to complete the project within 90minutes (1 hour 30min).

Maximum Points: 50

Project Brief: Your task is to design an innovative and functional ring for Her/Him. In this exercise as a designer you will need to find out and imagine a piece of product, which would improve or change the way people use, or interact with the products. Students are required to explore a wide range of product in their research and select a piece of their own to design, re-design or improve. You will then generate ideas for your proposed idea, showing both technical and aesthetic features. When you choose your area please consider aspects such, and futuristic principles of rings.


  1. Submit a single A4 (minimum 5 qualitative, knowledgeable pages)
  2. Presentation drawing
  3. A3 rendered perspective drawings (one concept per page) detailing           

 proposed function and aesthetic

 how it is used

 what inspired it

 they must be annotations

Note: All drawings must be rendered in colour, have notations to identify components and function and include an accurate human figure (to-scale) to afford the product a sense of scale and proportion

(i) You will have 10 minutes to present your presentation panels. Please note that during the final presentation potential buyers and employers will be interested on your ability to defend and explain your idea eloquently and showing sense of direction on how your study has influenced the final product, either in sense of form, function, material choice or any other design factor present on your design, so work on your presentation skills, design process and have a conclusion at the end, and try to make it professional. Normally at the end of a project presentation, it is necessary to provide a recommendation to help curb and reduce number of questions regarding your design and also show your client that you have researched and learned something at the end.

Materials Needed






Rendering makers/Coloured pencils


P30.00- P50,00


Sketch paper

A rim of A4

To be provided by the institutions


Sketch paper

A rim of A3


Event Manager: Ms. Kagiso Mange

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Contact Number: 3919999

Envet Coordinators:

  • Ms Nokuthula Phoi-Kewagamang

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