Business Leadership using Neurolinguistic Programming

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When and Where?

Date: 21 Jun – 22 Jun 2017

Venue: Gaborone-Francistown-Maseru

What is this about?

The course will teach a range of personal and leadership development tools to assist people who are in or entering into leadership position. It will give participants tools for understanding themselves, how they behave and understand the behaviours of others. While gaining insight into different leadership models, participants will learn powerful techniques to help them become sought after leaders in today’s business environment.

Why should you enroll?

If you want to ensure the success of your business you have to do everything including discovering aspects of yourself that are outside of your awareness today. Attending our Business Leadership course is a powerful first step towards it. By the end of this course you’ll start seeing a new version of your business emerge-a way of doing business that’s based on your values, one that serves your life in a whole new way. This course is all about re-imagining the relationships you have with your employees, your customers and most importantly yourself. It’s about creating a business culture and other leaders gravitate to-managers and employees alike-because they see that you’re strong and smart enough to know you can’t do it alone.

What are the topics covered?

The program covers the following main areas:

  • Understanding current leadership style and how to adapt it to different contexts
  • A clear difference between managing and leading
  • Building confidence in leadership abilities
  • Strategies leaders use to unite people behind their vision
  • Ability to empower staff members
  • Understanding how to motivate and influence the people around us
  • Tools to make meetings more efficient

Credits Awarded

5 credits

What is the duration?

This is a 16 hours course

Who should attend?

  • Senior Executives
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Anyone with an interest in Leadership Skills
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