Student and Alumni Affairs Department


Student & Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD) exists to be a centre of excellence in providing a fulfilling and vibrant campus life beyond the classroom.


SAAD exists to provide a vibrant and diverse campus life through an enriching environment that will transform students and promote lifelong learning through the provision of coordinated programs and services governed by sound policies.

Who are we?

Student and Alumni Affairs (SAAD) is a multidisciplinary department under the Office of Student Research and Outreach (OSRO). We are a student centred department that enhances education through quality support services and programmes that advance student access to learning, welfare, and wellness and talent development.

The department seeks to foster good relations between students and the university through building bridges that lead to sustained relationships beyond graduation.

Services offered by the department:

  • Student Relations

    The Student Relations is responsible for ensuring good relations between the students and the university at large and the promotion of student governance. The unit covers:

    • Student Representative Council (SRC) Management of SRC operations such as elections, calendar of events, budgets, student body meetings and anything that the SRC wants to do by providing leadership development and support.
    • Grievance Handling Students are provided a platform to lodge complaints when they feel that they have been unfairly treated.

      A grievance is a statement of concern reported to a person in authority at Botho University that requires action or response from the university. This can be about any kind of situation or process affecting the student welfare and wellbeing. It can be against a person, people, division, or department in the university.

Career and Counselling Services

The unit is available to provide students with psycho-social support, career counselling and academic advising, to further students’ personal and professional development. Some of the issues that are addressed include:

  • Poor Attendance Counselling
  • Poor Performance Counselling
  • General Counselling
  • Career Counselling:
    • Individual Career Planning
    • CV Writing and cover letter writing
    • Mock Interviews

Special Needs Support

The Special Needs Unit is responsible for managing the welfare of students with special learning needs. The services provided include but are not limited to:

  • Special accommodation during exams
  • Classroom support
  • Resource Lab/Centre
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Internships And Placement

The Placement and Internship Unit connects students to appropriate internship opportunities and assisting graduates in seeking employment.

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations Unit aims to foster a lifelong relationship between the university and its graduates. Its intention is to build strong networks with graduates, geared towards lifelong learning for alumni. Services rendered by this unit include:

  • Career Development Support
  • Lifelong learning
  • Opportunity to mentor university students
  • Alumni Community Impact Programmes
  • Stay connected facility
  • Career Fairs

Health And Wellness

The unit manages the health and wellness of students and staff. It manages the operations of the University clinic, HIV and AIDS policy, and medical emergency evacuations. Some of the services provided include:

  • Assistance with minor illness
  • Referrals to major clinics and hospitals
  • Management of HIV and AIDS interventions and campaigns.
  • Wellness programmes

Personal Development

This unit is mandated to teach students life skills. These skills will enable students to cope with tertiary life and life beyond the university. The Personal Development Unit manages and administrates the following:

  • Personal Development
  • First Year Experience
  • Mentorship
  • Development Workshops
  • Motivation Sessions
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Leadership Programme

Community Engagement

Botho University is committed to the improvement of people’s lives in various communities through skills development, entrepreneurship and community empowerment. This division encourages students to interact with communities in planning and implementing programmes and/or activities aimed at addressing the current demands and situations they are facing. The purpose of this partnership with communities is to improve the lives of people, empower communities to be self-reliant and to develop entrepreneurship skills. The division has an emphasis on instilling the values of volunteerism, Botho, spirit of giving and compassion.

Sports, Culture and Recreation

The unit seeks to contribute to academic performance and personal success by promoting welfare and wellness through talent enhancement and management. This unit has a variety of sporting and non-sporting clubs which seek to contribute to the development of each student in relation to the Botho Graduate Profile. The clubs include but are not limited to:

Sporting Clubs

  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Chess
  • Boxing
  • Athletics

Non – Sporting Clubs

  • Drama
  • Christian Movement
  • Debate
  • Choir
  • Dance Club
  • Bridge
  • Karate
  • Gal Power
  • Aerobics


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