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Blended and Distance Learning FAQ's

Please read FAQs below to answer any general questions. If you have a specific query or would like to know more, please send us an email at or contact us on +267 3635421/3635363. For enquiry about a specific programme you can click here and we will get back to you.

All Distance Learning students can apply online by clicking here. Once you apply, you will receive an email confirmation and our Team will get in touch with you.

For a full list of programmes offered in Distance Learning mode and details, please click on the “Programmes” tab on this website.

No. There is no difference in the degree awarded to students who have successfully completed a programme in distance learning or campus learning mode.

Applications are ongoing for distance learning programmes. Deadlines are usually communicated through various announcements on our website. If you miss a deadline due to a valid reason, we may consider the same however there is no guarantee for the same. However, applicants are always encouraged to apply on time.

Fee details for our distance learning programmes are much lower than the fees for campus learning. All fee details are available on our website under the “Fees” tab.

The amount of time required by students to complete a programme depends on the students themselves. The same faculty teaches both distance and campus learning students and the materials covered are the same. There may be some additional time for homework submissions and completion of exams, which will be duly communicated.

While distance learning students are welcome to visit our campus at any point of time, the programmes are designed such that they can be completed entirely by distance with no campus visit. If a programme requires some laboratory work, it may be possible to complete the entire programme with just one campus visit for the final exams if they are practical based.

All distance learning students receive extensive support from our faculty members through phone, university email and the Blackboard learning platform. There are numerous avenues for interaction between students including discussion boards, chat rooms and emails. Some programmes have live recitations sessions that encourage participation and foster interaction between distance learning students. Distance learning students also have the choice to share their emails with other distance learning students taking the same programme.

Botho University uses the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and Blackboard Mobile Learn. This is the platform where lecturers share with you the study materials, videos and PowerPoint slides. The same platform is also used for collaboration between you and the lecturer and other distance learning students on the same programme. All registered distance learning students receive a DVD with their learning materials, lecture notes, PowerPoint slides and orientation videos.

Once a distance learning student is has completed all admissions related formalities, he/she will be allocated an academic advisor who will guide him/her through the registration process. The academic advisor is available to the students through email and phone as well as live chat-in and face-to-face sessions where possible.

After a student is registered as a distance learning student, they will receive an email with detailed information on coursework submission and deadlines. The same information will also be availed to them through Blackboard under the module guide.

Payment can be made as per the fees given under the “Fee” tab on our website. An instalment plan is available on request.

Various modes of payment are available to students depending on their convenience. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Online transaction, Credit Card and Direct Deposit.

Yes we do provide quotations on request. Quotations are only available for tuition fees, we do not provide quotations for required stationery and books as an external supplier provides those.

Yes all distance learning students can avail counseling sessions by contacting their lecturers or academic advisors. Counseling sessions can be one-on-one or in a group as appropriate.


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