Teaching excellence workshop

On the 22nd - 23rd of August 2017, the Teaching Excellence Department hosted the inaugural Teaching Excellence Workshop for teachers/lecturers (both internal and external).

The workshop, which was officially opened by Mr Simon Cole, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Basic Education, was held under the theme ‘Teaching Quality Enhancement’ and geared towards providing a platform for teachers at various levels to share ideas and knowledge. This theme set the tone for some very fruitful deliberations, with the objective of improving the quality of teaching and learning.

With 85 participants from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions, there were constructive discussions around various issues which affect the quality of teaching and learning. The deliberations of the workshop were centred on 7 major subjects and various interesting standpoints were made. The following topics were discussed:

  • Outcome Based Education and Training;
  • Effective Discipline Strategies;
  • Stress Management in Teaching;
  • Student Engagement and Motivation;
  • Educational Leadership;
  • Instructional Communication;
  • Instructional Technology.

Attendance featured a mix of public and private schools, mainly in Gaborone, a move that proved beneficial as ideas were exchanged amongst the participants. The workshop concluded with all attendees receiving certificates of attendance and a collective agreement to make it an annual event. Everyone left looking forward to the next workshop.

Jan 2018