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Satellite Primary School Library Activity

On the 25th of August 2017, Satellite Primary School lit up with excitement when staff members and the Student Representative Council from Botho University’s Francistown Campus paid the school a visit.

The Francistown Campus donated 30 chairs, 2 tables, revision books, carpets and a wall clock. They then painted the school library. The principal, Mrs. Lore Lungesani, thanked Botho University for everything they did, saying that it meant a lot to the school, especially the children, since a majority of them came from disadvantaged homes. It gave the children hope to see that people were concerned and cared about them. She called Botho University a friend to the school because of the relationship they had begun.

The area councilor of Satellite and Deputy Mayor of Francistown, Mr. Godisang Radisego, also came to Satellite to assist in painting the school library. He was very excited to see Botho University giving back to the community, since Francistown as a city is turning 120 years old and people have been encouraged to give back in whichever way they can.

Mr. Aggrey S. Makhila, the Principal Education Officer, was thrilled at the job that Botho University had done. He thanked the University for choosing Satellite Primary School as the place to come and donate time and resources. He said the items that they had donated to the school were going to help the students a lot. A library was very important, he emphasized, because it was the place where students had access to learning materials that could teach them many things.

Mrs. Neelo Mhaladi, a Librarian at Botho University’s Francistown Campus, empowered the Satellite teachers through a course which gave them the necessary skills to operate the library. As we left Satellite Primary, we promised to return to offer any assistance they might need in the future.

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