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Botho University Coaching Clinic Launch

Botho University launched its Coaching Clinic Projecton the 6th May 2017, in collaboration with Gaborone Bonnington South Community.

The launch brought local coaches and BU coaches from various sports codes together to deliver lessons to Primary and Secondary students, as well as out-of-school youths, from Gaborone West and surrounding areas.

Esteemed members of the local community were in attendance as guests and speakers, including the MP of Bonnington South, Mr Gaolathe, and Kgosi Rammalaof Gaborone West, among others. Botswana Rugby Union, Football Union Botswana and Botswana National Sports Council also graced the event.

The Coaching Clinics will provide children and youth with coaching in different sports codes, in an environment that is conducive for learning, growth and leisure.By being involved in the grassroots development of players, nurturing their talents and equipping them with the necessary interpersonal skills for professional and personal growth, the clinics will complement BNSC strategy delivery.

As part of BU’s passion to drive corporate social responsibility, the University will provide facilities for training on a monthly basis and also training equipment and logistical arrangements for the sessions.

Gaborone Bonnington South Community will assist Botho University with the mobilisation of target groups, generation of interest and participation by the target population. Bonnington South will also be on hand to organise follow-up activities to ensure the longevity of the project, and enable it to cascade to the entire community.

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