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Botho University hosts Student Motivational Workshop

Botho University held a student motivational workshop at the beginning of the year 2017 to kick start the year. Themed “academic success – gateway to a successful career”. The Teaching Excellence Department at Botho University is mandated with improving the quality of teaching and learning in the university. It is on this backdrop that various initiatives and programmes are carried out with the sole intention of providing support to both staff and students in their learning and teaching. On the 31st of January 2017, students were treated to a Motivational Session filled with various activities. The main objective of the session was to engage with the student body, and try encouraging them to take their learning more seriously. Particular emphasis was placed on the following issues; Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure effective learning; Preparing for your career; Entrepreneurship as a career; Student motivation.

The day included keynote addresses by two high-profile speakers. The first interaction was a presentation by Ms Lillian Moremi, who is a highly experienced academic mentor, coach and trainer. Mr Ndinaye Chengeta, the second speaker is a seasoned entrepreneur with business ventures in various fields i.e. Events Management, Video Production and Agriculture. Both speakers highlighted that there are various opportunities that can be seized upon, emphasizing that they must be focused in their academic life and general outlook, indicating that success is a result of hard work. The workshop attracted a good number of students, with the feedback indicating that the workshop highly met their expectations. The students were greatly inspired by the motivational session. They highly recommended it to continue happening, but to consider increasing the duration of the session.

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