Lean Overview

What is this about?

Lean thinking is a proven methodology applied in organizations worldwide with the focus of improving productivity, efficiency and quality of its products and services. It emphasizes on the concept of achieving goals with minimum effort, cost and time by eliminating waste that prevents value added flows in meeting the requirements. Lean thinking was introduced by the Japanese when Toyota created a concept that transforms them into one of the major players in automotive industry. Initially Lean thinking was implemented in manufacturing but nowadays it is proven to be applicable in all industries by implementing the same concepts of eliminating waste and cultivating ‘kaizen’ attitude into their employees. Kaizen is a Japanese term that means continuous improvement.

Lean is a mind-set, or a way of thinking, with a commitment to achieve a totally waste-free operation that’s focused on your customer’s success. It is achieved by simplifying and continuously improving all processes and relationships in an environment of trust, respect and full employee involvement. It is about people, simplicity, flow, visibility, partnerships and true value as perceived by the customers.

Why should you enroll?

Through this training delegates will gain an understanding of the ‘Lean processes’ in any environment to standardise and improve their organisations processes. This training leads to the following benefits:

  • Obtain a broad introduction to the guiding principles of Lean Thinking
  • Develop an understanding of how Lean can be used to bring about improved working practices and processes within his/her own organisation

What are the topics covered?

  • Eliminated waste in project sign-off processes across departments.
  • Customer focused culture, enabling the firm to maximise profits and continue to grow successfully whilst maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Increase business capacity
  • Increased enthusiasm and ownership to deliver change through enhanced cross functional teamwork approach.
  • Overview of Lean
  • Value stream mapping
  • Current state business map
  • Future state business map
  • Standardized work
  • Job instruction training
  • Training Matrix
  • Cell design basics

Credits Awarded

8 credits

What is the duration?

This is a 5 day course

Who should attend?

All managers and senior managers can follow this training in order to improve their business strategy and their way of work. This Lean training programme will benefit delegates from all levels of an organisation, but is specifically relevant to Management.


Admissions Criteria

1) Applicants are expected to have successfully completed secondary schooling. The typical entry requirement is BGCSE or IGCSE (in Botswana), LGCSE (in Lesotho) or other equivalent secondary school qualification.

2) The applicant should have passed in a minimum of five BGCSE or equivalent subjects including English and Mathematics with a minimum of a C in Mathematics.

3) Applicants in possession of a Diploma or Higher Diploma in related field will be given exemptions based on the credit point equivalency

4) For enquiries and more information please visit our General Admissions Information page

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