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This programme aims to equip with professional knowledge and skills to enable them to care for children and give them a better start life.

Participants will study how children devlope adn plan age-approprite activities that foster their devlopment. It will devlpoe capacity in child care at home, day care centers, pre-school and primary school level.

Gradutes of this programme shall work with children from birth through age 6 in the Day Care Center and at home. The learner will study how to create a nurturing and safeenviorment where every child thrives.

Modules Covered:

  • English Skill for Employability
  • Introduction to Child Care
  • Basic Computing and Numeracy Skills
  • Children’s Growth and Devlopment
  • Guding Children
  • Child Care Professional
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Professional Practice (Internship)

Total Cradits: 180

Duration of Study

The programme duration is 11/2 years. Classes are avilable on full time and part-time basis. Week end classes are also avilable.

Target Audience

  • Owners of child care institutions
  • Stall at child care institution
  • Child-minders (Parents, Nannies, ...)
  • NGOs involved in working with chidren

Addmission Criteria

Holder of Junior Certificate with a minimum of pass.


Applicants above 20 years, with at least 1 Year of working exeprince. Such exeprience will be established/assessed through either written and/or oral interviews if required.

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