Certificate in Basic Setswana

What is this about?

This module is tailor-made for people who do not have any Setswana background and are interested in learning Setswana language and culture. The basic Setswana certificate (itse loleme le ngwao ya Setswana) will be offered through the Corporate Training department at Botho University. This is a nine-week course and will be for anyone who is interested in learning Setswana e.g. expatriates and those seeking citizenship.

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide learners with the minimally required knowledge and skills for Setswana that will enable them to greet in Setswana, construct short sentences in Setswana and understand basic communication made in Setswana. Apart from the language, learners will embrace and understand the Setswana culture.

Why should you enroll?

This programme was developed in a multi-disciplinary private university, Botho University in Botswana. This university is made up of staff and students from different countries that are very much willing to learn the local language – Setswana. This is what prompted the development of this programme. Secondly, there are expatriates who are hoping/ willing to get the Botswana citizenship and for them to achieve this knowing the local language then becomes mandatory.

Lastly, in Botswana most adults (old people) do not understand English therefore interaction with them is easier in Setswana than in English. This programme will therefore equip learners with basics knowledge and skills required to enable them to communicate both verbally or written in Setswana.

What are the topics covered?

The program covers the following main areas:

  • Introduction (Useful Definitions, Greetings)
  • Pronunciation
  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Sound sequences
  • Setswana Sentence and agreement
  • Plural Formation
  • Lexicon-Classification
  • Tenses

Credits Awarded

10 credits

What is the duration?

This is a 100 hours course

Who should attend?

Participation in this course doesn’t require any previous knowledge of Setswana.

  • It is targeted at expatriates and those seeking citizenship.
  • It is targeted at those willing to learn Setswana for interaction.

Admissions Criteria

1) Applicants are expected to have successfully completed secondary schooling. The typical entry requirement is BGCSE or IGCSE (in Botswana), LGCSE (in Lesotho) or other equivalent secondary school qualification.

2) The applicant should have passed in a minimum of five BGCSE or equivalent subjects including English and Mathematics with a minimum of a C in Mathematics.

3) Applicants in possession of a Diploma or Higher Diploma in related field will be given exemptions based on the credit point equivalency

4) For enquiries and more information please visit our General Admissions Information page

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